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Episode 20 - Sponsored by Clear Mountain Bank

We got a “sponsor” for now until we here from their lawyers. In a good faith move we have included an ad at the beginning of the episode in lieu of our intro. Don’t get it twisted though this is still part of the Justin White Powers Power Hour Hour, part three more specifically. Justin, Will and Pete wrap up a conversation on the extra chromosome adventure that is the ZCU. The boys turn o new leaf and take a surprisingly non-racist approach to Jackie Chan Adventures. To top it off the boys go back in well treaded territory talking early 2000s nostalgia, as well as, making possibly the most progressive VR game known. Sadly (fortunately) this episode marks the last in-person podcast for now…

bai from studio b

Part Three of Three of Justin WHITE Powers Power Hour Hour

Episode 19 - Doomsday Lepers

More Justin Powers for you fools in the sophomore episode (licks lips) of the Justin White Powers Power Hour Hour, little last energy than the last one, but this shits free like eternal damnation so pull your puds out its gonna get weird, or moderatly weird.

Part Two of Three in The Justin White Power Hour


Episode 18 - Nipple Softener

The boujie boyz are back; MC Milque-Toast Cockroach, The Adidas Kid and featuring DJ DILF (AKA Justin WHITE Powers), to shoot the shit. Have you ever felt you haven’t heard enough bitching from open mic (hard) ers, well they listened and then forgot. Speaking of forgetting more grade A material on dead friends. Pete goes Chinese all over our asses, and Justin and Will talk on for minutes without breathing. You think one of these episodes is too much, well shut up nerd your getting three. Tetris movie? got it covered, Canadian woes? check, Presidential Candidates that aren’t Jeb Bush? You shut your filthy mouth bitch.. you can’t sit with us.

Part One of Three in The Justin White Power Hour

stay woke

Episode 17 - My Jacket’s Chapstick

The boys are back in full flux, Will and Pete sit down with AJ the human laugh track. Although this episode is leaving on a sad note (Will moving) the original precum boys lighten the mood, with talking about dead friends, fictional football teams, and the best way to hypothetically use long pork to make apparel. in true noMIDDLEground fashion Will and Pete underwhelm and bring down the meaning of the word “Podcast” signing off from studio B.

Baiiiii for now!

Episode 16 - Suck Him Dry

Will and Pete sit down, then stand up, then sit down again with John from local band Wax Brain and shoot the shit, then bury it in a shallow grave cover in lye and remove any witnesses, low Effort, Zero Charisma, Zero Charisma Studios.

Episode 15 - Lyfe of Bryan

Will and Pete revisit the bag of autism with Bryan. Once again it goes over as smoothly as it possibly could without upsetting the lack of format and polish you have all come to love and respect. The sleepy bois come together and talk best torture technique, superpowers, and McDonalds characters, It’s CBS baby… low Effort, Zero Charisma, Zero Charisma Studios.

Episode 14 - Smells Like Teen Biscuits

Will and Pete pivot and try doing that whole serious conversation thing with more intellectual topics, we have Steve and Dallas trying to keep up smart conversations, so its basically the JOE Rogan Experience (if you like that sort of thing) for one podcast and one podcast only… what’s up freak bitches, low Effort, Zero Charisma, Zero Charisma Studios.

Episode 13 - Let’s Hate Minorities on an Organized Level

The Pre-Cum Boys discover Quantity is not the same as Quality so sorry about this episode Will and Pete are joined by Rob and talked about a lot of inside baseball a few jokes, some local celebrities and car troubles with Rob.


Episode 12 - The Reason For Your Next Drug Test

We break the third wall, the autism wall. The reason for your next drug test, young coconuts and as always high treason. Oh yeah, there is also a shitty Game of Thrones Sketch at the end, enjoy.


Episode 11 - DOC COCK

Will and Pete talk news, the stolen 50 lb nose, a man beating his mother under the influence of spray paint. Why is Bruce Wayne not a Bat, and what’s the deal with wage-cucks?



The title really says it all, our lawyers (parents) told us to say no comment.


Episode 9 - cardi B. ANTHONY

The least edited most sloppy episode to date Will and the Pete Mister do a mystery science theater to King of the Hill and Disenchanted, it really is as rough as it sounds.



Will and Pete neglect to book a third and are forced to do a podcast. Local news, battlebots, and the pre-cum boys come up with the best of the worst super-powers imaginable.



The finale to the Children of Thalidomide Series, part three of three. This one basically fizzles out.. So don’t do drugs, and stay in school.. Kiddos


Part Three of Three

The Children of Thalidomide Chronicles


Following the grand slam DOGSKIN PROPHYLACTIC, Children of Thalidomide part two of three. Bryan shares his true feelings about the Chinese, and Pete is offended.. Will bombs again.

thalidomide wm.jpg

Part Two of Three

The Children of Thalidomide Chronicles


The first of three episodes with Bryan. Kicking off the Children of Thalidomide Series. Talks about music that no one cares about, and Will gets replaced by Bryan.

thalidomide wm.jpg

Part One of Three

The Children of Thalidomide Chronicles


In a mashup of multiple recordings, we see how long people will listen to six people talking over each other.. You’ve been warned.. The conception of the Mighty Fucks and we tell y’all what to expect in the after life.



Following the human laugh track’s absence, the ORIGINAL cumboys try to hold it down.. Well sort of there’s Mean Girls Broadway debut. We go meta with it and break down why we punch down. Wait for our upcoming shark tank episode where we debut Kinder Tinder.


Episode 2 - FIELDDAZE: based on a True Expense

After a long search the boys found their third, AJ the human laugh track. More freestyles, and even less content. See if you can count the amount of spilled drinks in this one.. Pete shows up late, Tyler Perry J. Blige is born, and Will does more voices than any one is comfortable with.


Episode 1 - MEAN GIRLS

The ORIGINAL pre-cum boys are back in the sequel to the prequel, episode one. The boys debut the character Pete-Wad in a freestyle, and go over why Antz was the better “bug” movie… Also Pete tries to do voices.. yikes is right.


Episode 0 - The ORIGINAL Pre-Cum Boys

The ORIGINAL Cum Boys are back, well I guess just here in the prequel to the un-released Episode 1 Mean Girls. After countless hours editing five hours of recording we have finally made a compilation of twenty barely listenable minutes.