the podcast about two inexperienced comedians trying to be funny.


Proof you can still fail with a college degree, the voice of Shane from Jimmy Neutron and a pint-sized Pete Steele produce a mildly unlistenable podcast that will have you wondering why you can't wait for the next installment. With topics ranging from Amanda Bynes to how many kids someone has, these boy-men create a podcast in the only way they know how.

Not very well, in there journey to do something right in their lives, they have decided to entertain the idea of being comedians in the hopes to get paid for the one thing they are okay at, talking mad shit. So if you like that sort of thing or needed the audio equivalent of fat people falling down stairs, welcome home, you’re safe here. 


“Make it so bad, that you can still scream fair use.”

AJ Field


Will and Pete attempt to make a listenable podcast about nothing, and everything, most importantly these two boymen are on the hunt for a third co-host. The most meta, most Tom Myers inspired podcast on the block noMIDDLEground.

Low Effort, Zero Charisma

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